IN THIS EPISODE: Business partners and best friends, Cortney Logan and Alexandra Weissner are here today to talk about how they took their love for running and brunching and turned it into a stellar business and brand. While they may have started running for different reasons, their passion for running and brunching has never wavered.

In this episode, they are sharing how they turned their passion into a bold and growing community that is taking running (and brunching) to a whole new level. 


The inspiration and mission behind bRUNCh Running. How a half-marathon in Las Vegas was the start of their entrepreneurial journey. The importance of community: how building a brand around connection and community has shaped their business model and is influencing the future of their company. The takeaways from running that Cortney and Alex also apply to their business (and lives). Insights into the dynamics of their partnership and what the future holds for bRUNch Running. What hitting the 5-year mark has meant to them and why they are in it for the long run. 


More about Cortney and Alex:  A long, long time ago, (four years ago to be exact) in a faraway land known as Denver, Colo. two girls came up with an idea that would not only change their lives forever but also those in the running community. Best friends and running buddies, Cortney Logan and Alexandra Weissner were always participating in numerous running races and attending weekly run clubs. While these races and runs were enjoyable enough, it felt as though something was missing and the girls were always left feeling hungry. Denver is known to be the mecca for foodies and run enthusiasts alike,  yet there was not a race or run club that offered such a buffet of running, eating, drinking, and socializing. Until…

One Sunday morning after their run and during brunch at a local restaurant, Cortney and Alexandra were sipping on mimosas when something amazing happened.  It was discovered that the word “run” appears in the word “brunch”. It was in that moment that concept of bRUNch Running was created.

bRUNch Running promotes and encourages runners to live a healthy active lifestyle through physical fitness and food, as both play a vital role in a runner’s life. We believe that combining physical fitness and food along with some socializing is a recipe for healthy and happy life.

Cortney and Alex both fell in love with running for different reasons but the reasons they continue to run is the same. Running has become their passion, their therapy and one of the many things in their lives that makes each day better.

When bRUNch first came to life, Cortney was working in a law firm dabbling with the possibility of attending law school while Alexandra was working in the realm of public relations. Neither one of them imagined that bRUNch Running would grow into the brand it has become today.

bRUNch participants, also known as “bRUNchers”, are what make this brand and vision possible and the continued success of growth. We cannot wait to spend a weekend morning running and brunching with you. 



Instagram: @brunchrunning

Facebook: @bRUNch-Running


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