Liza Witonis is a Personal Wealth Coach on a mission to help women rewrite their money stories and get out of debt.  To Liza, wealth is so much more than what you think it is. It is the thread that connects your body, heart, soul and emotion together.


Today Liza is here sharing her own personal story of how she paid off over $250,000 of debt in less than 6 years (without working 6 jobs) as well as insights and tips to help you shift into creating more income and impact by rewriting your own wealth story.





The generational patterns passed down to us around money and scarcity. [ 2:30 ]

The personal transformation Liza has experienced while her family has wiped out $250k of debt in less than six years [ 5:35 ]

How masculine and feminine energies manifest in conversations about money (particularly in relationships) [ 10:35 ]

The shifting role for women in the money conversation and the role ego plays in your scarcity or abundance mindset [ 12:20 ]

Comparisonitis: Understanding and identifying your values in order to write your wealth story [ 17:45 ]

What it means to live paycheck to paycheck and what it takes to shift out of that mindset [ 20:05 ]

The shift you need to embrace to create more impact and income [ 31:20 ]

How to break the cycle of “I’m not worthy” by opening up lines of communication with not just your partner or spouse, but also with yourself [ 33:35 ]

The #1 piece of strategy to start rewriting your wealth story today [ 41:35 ]



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Facebook: @LizaWitonisPersonalWealthCoach

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