In today’s episode we are excited to introduce you to our friend, Viola Hug. Viola is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, intuitive business coach and mentor, as well as host of the Abundant Babes podcast. Her mission is to help women step into the highest versions of themselves. She and her husband Nick live a location-independent lifestyle, travelling the world, while working online.

Today she is here giving us insights into what it really means to live a laptop lifestyle, the abundance shifts she needed to make in order to embrace true success, and she gives us a mini masterclass in human design.



  • What Viola found was blocking her from true abundance [6:48]
  • A mindset shift you can practice when looking at the world [9:18]
  • How to address family questions about the laptop lifestyle [13:48 ]
  • How to deal with the lack mindset of people around you [16:12 ]
  • What is human design and how does it impact your business [22:10 ]
  • What characterizes a projector [ 25:55 ]
  • What characterizes a manifestor [ 27:20 ]
  • What characterizes a generator [ 31:16 ]
  • Where your energy is generated [ 37:58 ]
  • How business strategy ties into human design [ 45:00 ]


Connect with Viola:


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